5 Reasons Why Tacos Are The Perfect Wedding Food

Planning a wedding can be fun and also stressful at the same time. There is so much to be done. Organizing the venue, sending invites, planning the wedding ceremony, clothes, food – the list is endless. Wondering what food to serve at your wedding? Think out of the box. Why not tacos?

After a lot of drinking and dancing, freshly cooked tacos are perfect for the event. They will also help in soaking up the alcohol and prevent a hangover. Taco carts at the wedding will provide you with fresh, flavorful food with local produce as far as possible. They are comfort food and can be eaten comfortably whilst standing. 

Wondering if you should have a tacos stall at your wedding? Here are some of the reasons why tacos are perfect for your wedding.

Tacos can be prepared for any dietary restrictions 

Whether you are on a diet or have any food allergies, tacos can be prepared to suit your needs the way you like them. They can be gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, or even vegetarian. You choose the ingredients that you want and skip the ones that you can’t or don’t want to have. Those on a diet can eat without guilt the low-calorie options at the taco cart.

Get creative with the menu

The wedding couple can get creative with the menu at the taco cart. After tasting the sample menu, you can give your own ideas and favorite fillings that you can add to the cart menu. You can have a taco dessert bar that can have taco-inspired all-time favorites such as choco tacos, churros, among others. You can even give names to taco dishes.

Make the taco bar the talking point

Tacos can be customized. The ingredients can be laid out and the guests will have the option to pick and choose from a wide selection which will create a talking point in the food section. It will also add to the decor of the venue. People generally like to have a choice in how their food is prepared and with the taco party catering, this can be achieved.

Taco carts are more affordable

Weddings usually follow the standard format and that includes a seated dinner. The dinner includes various courses and can turn out to be quite expensive. The total cost of having a taco cart at the wedding is significantly lower than the cost of a full catering company and does not need to be standardized. 

Flexible Venue Options

A traditional catering company provides everything from food to the waiting staff. This limits the places where the wedding can be held. Having a food truck will give you the option to choose picturesque locations like parks, a beachfront, or your own backyard to host your wedding. 

It’s your wedding, and you don’t want to be stressed about catering. So get on with the preparation for the wedding and leave all the worry about food to a professional taco catering company. All you need is to hire the best taco catering company in Orange County, in advance.  

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