What Are Some Of The Most Authentic and Popular Mexican Tacos?

What Are Some Of The Most Authentic and Popular Mexican Tacos?

Tacos have such a wide variety that they can be considered a whole food in itself. There is a large selection of fillings, which include vegetables, a variety of meats, and different sauces. Some of the popular tacos that can be served at star rated taco catering in Orange County.

Al Pastor Taco

‘Pastor’ means shepherd in Spanish, and all pastors roughly translate to shepherd style taco. The filling includes a marinated meat, which is filled with a variety of chillies and cooked on a low flame. It is commonly accompanied by pineapple, which gives a sweet and tangy taste. Meat used tacos is generally pork, but other meat can be used. 

Barbacoa Taco

In Mexico, the Barbacoa is a slow-cooked tender goat or sheep meat taco. Covered in maguey leaves, the meat is cooked on an open flame. The steam created helps give the meat its unique flavor. The barbacoa taco, in the US, is often served with beef cheeks, also known as ‘cachete’, while goat meat, is known as ‘cabrito’. 

Arabes Taco

It is generally a pork taco which is filled with warm pita bread. It is influenced by middle eastern cuisine and is cooked on a stovetop or an oven. The meat is marinated with cumin and served with chipotle salsa and garlic yoghurt sauce.

Carnitas Taco

Carnitas is one of the most popular taco dishes, originating from the Michoacan state of Mexico. It translates to ‘little meats’ and the Mexican version is generally made with pork. The pork is shredded and then simmered for a number of hours and braised, making it very tender. Traditionally, this is cooked in a copper pot and is cooked with rustic flavours. 

Chicharron Taco

The chicharron taco is a common snack across Latin America. Chicharones are pork rinds or fried pork skins. The pork is usually crisp and crunchy. The filling is accompanied by mild spices and a mild sauce. The chicharron is often used as a topping to add a crunchy texture to the dish.

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