Amazingly Popular Taco Toppings for Mexican Fiesta

When we think of tacos, all the amazing sauces and fillings come to mind, like ground beef, guacamole, shredded cheese, etc. Tacos are the type of food that can be eaten all day, every day. They are a meal in itself. There are a range of options and spices, which can be mixed and matched to create tacos to suit any type of diet. Some of these out-of-the-box topping options can add an extra zing to the taco.

Whether you’re looking for topping ideas for your next taco bar party or just trying to flavor up your taco dinner night at home, below are a list of taco topping ideas. Enjoy!


The all-time favourite as a taco topping. This Mexican delight is usually made with tomatoes, chillies, onions and a dash of lime. It provides the perfect balance with the meat or veg fillings. If you’ve never tried salsa on your tacos, you’re really missing out.


This avocado dip can be an excellent choice for your taco topping. Homemade guacamole is a better choice, as it gives a fresh flavor to the taco. Make this creamy topping with freshly chopped onion, garlic, mashed avocados, lime juice, and seasonings of choice. You can also add cilantro and jalapeno or chilies if you like.  


One of the most common toppings used on tacos is cheese. The creaminess of cheese makes a great combination with almost all meats and vegetable fillings. Various types of cheeses can be used on your tacos where each one provides a different taste. Try various cheese options, such as blue, cheddar, shredded, feta, and many others.

Sour Cream

Sour cream adds a creaminess and a sour taste to your tacos. If you are health conscious, you can substitute for low-fat sour cream or yoghurt as well.

Jalapenos, Black and Green Olives

Add a bit of spice to your taco with the use of green, red, yellow or orange jalapenos. You can also complement it with green or blak olives that are salty, savory, and go well with veggies and meat fillings. Olives and Jalapenos are very popular in a variety of Mexican dishes. 

 Sweet Potatoes and Potatoes

Add a bit of starch to your taco with potatoes or sweet potatoes. They provide a very flavorful combination when roasted with a little butter. Potatoes are very commonly used in Mexican cuisine.

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