Taco Bar Decoration Ideas At Your Wedding

A taco cart may be a unique and pleasant wedding concept. Tacos are a terrific addition to any wedding since they are simple to cook and offer a plethora of customised alternatives. Taco carts should have colourful features such as patterned napkins and glasses, a colourful mat, and so on. Consider these suggestions for how to design and build a wedding taco bar to add flair, individuality and excitement to your wedding. Having the wedding catering los angeles delicious tacos can add a twist to your wedding reception.


Ingredients Table

Once you have decided on the menu for the tacos, you can place all the ingredients in one place in a way where the guests can have a full view of the wide variety of options they have to choose from. The large selection laid out in front of them will give a good impression and create a sense of intrigue.



The taco cart bar section can be Mexican themed. Cocktails that will compliment the tacos that are displayed in a Mexican setting. For example, you can place bottles of alcohol with a Sombrero on the top to give it a fun and quirky vibe. Having some tequila on display can be an option.


Mini Taco Tasters


Arrange a place where you create a section where you have plates full of mini taco tasters. The guests can pick from a few options before they decide how they want to make their main course. The mini taco taster tables will be full of guests while they sip on their cocktails.



Using vibrant flowers as a centrepiece is a terrific way to embellish your taco catering near me. You may also give quirky wedding themed dish names on Mexican tiles or Papel Picado to give your table decorations a unique look. The vibrant colour palette will create a lively environment on your big day.


Tacos are a very flexible food item that can be prepared in a variety of ways, giving you a plethora of alternatives. If you want to try out some of these taco ideas, getting the best wedding catering in Orange County from Soho Taco is your best bet. We have a vast selection of the most popular tacos and the option to create a wide array of dishes that you will love. As tacos are incredibly customizable, they are the perfect food for any type of wedding and event.


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