Best Tacos Bar Catering at Your Wedding Reception

Just because your wedding is a very formal event does not mean that you can’t have your own taco bar catering at your wedding. Tacos are a great accompaniment for cocktail hour, where you can serve bite-sized tacos. Here are some ideas for serving tacos at your wedding.


As Appetizers


Tacos can be served in all shapes and sizes. Made in small sizes, they can be served as a starter, filled with meat and veg or with fruit or Nutella. They can be bite-sized or can be more carefully crafted crostinis. Having taco catering orange county as an appetizer will go down well with the guests at your wedding.


Main Course


Having a DIY taco station can be a great idea for the wedding. Many people have various diet restrictions, which can be worked around the ingredients of the taco. People can choose what they want and how they want it cooked. Having a wide range of ingredients, sauces and a very stylish taco station can become the highlight of the wedding.




Yes, you read that right. Serving ice cream in taco party catering is a great option for desserts. Tacos as the ice cream cone taste great and are much better than the regular cones you get with your tasty Italian gelato. Then there are the dessert tacos, where you can have them stuffed with fruits and cream, chocolate, and honey. They will be tasty and light on your stomach.


Post Party Snack


After all the drinking, dancing, and partying, a taco snack can soak up all that alcohol. Having huevos rancheros can make you sober up pretty quickly. You can get your tacos filled with hash browns, eggs, veggies, or meats.

Tacos are a very flexible food item that can be prepared in a variety of ways, giving you a plethora of alternatives. If you want to try out some of these taco ideas, Soho Taco offers the best wedding catering in Los Angeles and Orange County. We have a vast selection of the most popular tacos and also the option to create a wide array of customized dishes. As tacos are incredibly customizable, they are the perfect food for any type of wedding and any other event.

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