Catering A Rooftop Taco Tuesday in Hollywood

Alex and Rico infusing hypnotic aromas into the stunning Hollywood skyline.

Our crew had a great time the other day grilling up some fantastic treats from our cart. Situated high atop the luxurious Jardine Apartments, the good times was only surpassed by the view and the terrific guests.

What better way to celebrate Taco Tuesday than with a stunning view of the Hollywood Skyline while noshing on some of the finest tacos in the Southland? The other day we just had the opportunity to do just that and we had a blast.

One of SOHO TACO’s vans parked out in front of the Jardine Apartments in Hollywood CA.

Located in the heart of tinsel town Hollywood, the luxurious Jardine Apartments regularly throws a special event for its residents. And, on this particular day they wanted to celebrate one of our favorites days of the week, Taco Tuesday.

So the organizers contacted our team, told them what they had in mind and we were honored to have been selected. It was definitely a no-brainer, of course we would have been honored to participate and we’re so happy that we did!

On this day our skilled crew, consisting of the amazing Alex and Rico, loaded up the van with the taco cart with essential food, equipment and lots of enthusiasm. And, they made their way up the 5 freeway to Hollywood CA.

Although we are based in Orange County and our headquarters are located in Santa Ana CA, we are no strangers to the Los Angeles area, especially in the glamorous Hollywood. We’ve had the opportunity serve up our finest fare for birthdays, weddings, corporate events and everything in between in our neighboring county. And, this occasion was second nature for our crew.

Here’s a short YouTube video displaying the great time we had grilling up for everyone from the cart:

Check out this quick little video showcasing the mouth-watering festivities.

For this occasion, we brought some of our best selling tacos and a vegan taco as well. The menu included our succulent pollo asado, savory carne asada and exquisite tacos de calabacitas, which was made up of farm fresh zucchinis, tomatoes and grilled onions.

Guests enjoyed top notch pollo asado fresh from the grill.

Our kitchen was hard at work that day, many of the ingredients were prepared earlier that morning and with stunning results.

To help make this magical evening happen, our kitchen crew was hard at work starting very early in the morning. Much of the prep work was done in our commercial kitchen, such as the slicing, dicing and the blending. That way when it’s time to transport everything to the event site it’s ready to go and just needs to be fired upon the grill, which is what our crew did.

So, once Rico and Alex arrived at our headquarters in Santa Ana, they loaded up the van with all the ice chests filled up with the key ingredients. They rolled in the taco cart and lots of important equipment and headed up the 5 freeway from Santa Ana to Hollywood.

Serving up smiles from the taco cart.


If you watch the video above you’ll notice that the crew had to push together two sides of the cart. That’s because our custom made taco carts can be split into two and need a slight assembly.

By taking a cart that can split in half, instead of a large, heavy unit, it allows us to bring the cart to locations that would be otherwise rather challenging. And, in this case, Jardine Apartments was scheduled to celebrate Taco Tuesday on the roof top, which means we needed to use the elevator. No problemo. We simply brought the two parts of the cart separately and elevated each one by one.

Then when they crew arrived on the site all they had to do was to do a quick assembly, added the rooftop and fired up the grill.

Your magic is served.


To help kick off the Taco Tuesday festivities our skilled cooks prepared the tacos we mentioned earlier. But also offered some terrific sides to help round out everyone’s meals.

For example, we brought creamy beans, fluffy rice and crisp, fresh-made tortilla chips.

Guests were also able to customize their own masterpieces by taking advantage of our top quality condiments and salsas. Such as our creamy guacamole, spicy jalapeno salsa, fire roasted salsa roja and a plethora of farm fresh produce.

Finally, to help everyone wash down their meals, the crew set out on the table a wonderful selection of aguas frescas.

Guests were able to quench their thirsts with wonderful flavors such as traditional horchata, refreshing jamaica, sweet watermelon and amazing cantaloupe.

Overall judging from everyone’s response, it was a success! We received wonderful feedback throughout the evening and the crew had a fantastic time.

We would like to thank the organizers of the fabulous evening for inviting us and for all the wonderful feedback from the guest. It was a sincere pleasure and we look forward to serving everyone again soon.


Whether you’re looking to throw the best Taco Tuesday event for your friends and family or if you have a romantic wedding on the horizon, SOHO TACO is there ready to help make the occasion especially mouth-watering.

As you can see from today’s blog, we absolutely adore firing up the grill for our friends in Los Angeles and beyond. We have terrific crew that loves dazzling taste buds throughout the greater Southern California region and Hollywood is no exception.

So, if you’re looking to impress your guests and help make lasting, delicious taco catering memories be sure to keep us in mind. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

For more information on our onsite catering, please drop us a line at (714) 793-9392 or email us at Or, fill out our free online catering request form. And, one of our friendly event coordinators would be happy to assist.

Until then, thanks for making it this far in our blog. We look forward to serving you soon. Buen provecho!

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