A Memorable Wedding Celebration: Exquisite Catering at Wilcox Manor in Tustin, CA

SOHO TACO’s van parked out in front of Wilcox Manor in Tustin CA

Last night, the enchanting Wilcox Manor in Tustin, CA, became the backdrop for a truly magical wedding celebration. Amidst the elegant ambiance and joyful atmosphere, SOHO TACO had the privilege of providing a delectable culinary experience for the newlyweds and their esteemed guests. From the sizzling carne asada tacos to the refreshing hand-pressed tortillas and an array of tantalizing appetizers, our catering team ensured that every bite was a taste of perfection. Join us as we recount the unforgettable evening filled with love, laughter, and exquisite flavors.

The Menu

The culinary journey began with a delightful selection of tacos that delighted the taste buds of all attendees. The savory aroma of sizzling carne asada filled the air, tempting guests with its tender and perfectly grilled perfection. The pollo asado tacos offered a succulent and juicy alternative, while the shrimp tacos showcased the ocean’s freshness with their delicate flavors. For those seeking a vegetarian option, the veggie tacos were a delightful medley of grilled vegetables and zesty seasonings.

No taco experience would be complete without the accompaniments, and our black beans and lemon rice added a touch of comfort and harmony to each plate. The velvety texture and rich flavors of the black beans complemented the tacos perfectly, while the fragrant lemon rice provided a refreshing citrusy note that enhanced the overall dining experience.

The bride & groom enjoying their first plate of tacos as Husband & Wife.

The Hand-Pressed Tortillas

At SOHO TACO, we believe that the foundation of a remarkable taco lies in its tortilla. That’s why our team of skilled artisans took great care in crafting each hand-pressed tortilla with passion and precision. The result was a soft, warm, and slightly charred tortilla that served as the vessel for the tantalizing fillings. With every bite, guests savored the authenticity and craftsmanship that went into creating these culinary delights.

The Appetizers: A Prelude to Culinary Bliss

As guests mingled and celebrated, a delightful assortment of appetizers added an extra layer of indulgence to the evening. Rebanadas de heirloom tomatoes showcased the vibrant colors and robust flavors of the season, while the tostaditas de chorizo offered a tantalizing combination of crispy tortilla, savory chorizo, and vibrant toppings. The albondigas, or meatballs, delighted with their tender texture and aromatic spices, leaving guests craving for more.

Tostadita de Chorizo & Guac appetizers were one of the many offered

For those seeking a taste of the sea, the red snapper ceviche was a true highlight. The fresh and citrusy flavors of the marinated fish danced on the palate, providing a refreshing interlude amidst the festivities. And to balance the savory flavors, a mixed greens salad was set out on the condiment table, offering a light and vibrant option for guests to enjoy alongside their tacos.

A Sweet Finale: Brochetas de Fruta

To conclude the culinary journey on a sweet note, our Brochetas de Fruta, or fruit skewers, were served during the taco service. These colorful and juicy treats provided a delightful burst of sweetness, tempting guests to indulge in the vibrant flavors of seasonal fruits. It was the perfect ending to a remarkable evening, leaving everyone with a lingering taste of joy and satisfaction.

A satisfied guest showing off her plate of piping hot tacos

Conclusion: A Culinary Symphony of Love and Celebration

The wedding celebration at Wilcox Manor in Tustin, CA, was a testament to the power of love and the joy of shared experiences. SOHO TACO was honored to be a part of this momentous occasion, crafting a culinary symphony that elevated the festivities to new heights. From the mouthwatering carne asada tacos to the hand-pressed

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