Taco Catering A Magnificent Rooftop Christmas Party in Beverly Hills

From sun-drenched beaches to starlit rooftops, the culinary canvas of Los Angeles is as diverse as its dreams. And within this vibrant tapestry, few threads are as woven into the city’s fabric as SOHO TACO. For over a decade, SOHO TACO has brought the vibrant flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine to every corner of LA, from casual street gatherings to the most glamorous soirées.

The other night, under the twinkling sky of Beverly Hills, SOHO TACO once again painted a delicious masterpiece, this time catering the Christmas party for Savills, a global real estate giant known for its iconic portfolio and sophisticated taste.

Hear the sizzle and the rooftop merriment from this magical evening in Beverly Hills CA.

A Toast to Tradition and Tacos

Savills, with its 160-year legacy, understands the enduring allure of tradition. This resonated perfectly with SOHO TACO’s culinary philosophy, where age-old recipes are reimagined with fresh, high-quality ingredients and a touch of modern flair. The rooftop at Wilshire Boulevard became a festive fusion of these worlds, where Savills’ executives and colleagues mingled amidst the aroma of sizzling onions and sizzling carne asada.

The Art of The SOHO Catering Package

For this special occasion, SOHO TACO’s taco catering package showcased the very essence of their culinary artistry. Fifty guests embarked on a flavor journey with three taco choices, each a testament to SOHO TACO’s commitment to both authenticity and innovation.

  • Pollo Asado: Tender, flame-grilled chicken marinated in achiote and citrus, nestled in a warm, hand-pressed tortilla alongside vibrant pico de gallo, fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.
  • Carne Asada: Thinly sliced, expertly grilled steak, seasoned with a secret blend of spices, danced with caramelized onions and a dollop of housemade guacamole in each soft corn tortilla.
  • Carnitas: Succulent pork confit, slow-cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection, brought a luxurious touch to the menu, balanced by the crisp acidity of diced red onions and a squeeze of lime.

These weren’t your average tacos. Each bite was a symphony of textures and flavors, a testament to the chefs’ skill and the quality of the ingredients. The hand-pressed tortillas, a delightful departure from the store-bought norm, added a touch of artisanal authenticity to each mouthful.

As the night unfolded, it was evident that the SOHO Taco Cart Catering Package is not just about food; it’s about creating an experience that transcends the ordinary. It’s a journey through the diverse flavors of Mexico, curated with an understanding of culinary artistry that goes beyond the expected.

Beyond the Tacos

No taco fiesta is complete without its supporting cast. Black beans and lemon rice provided a comforting foundation, while salsa verde, with its fiery kiss of roasted jalapenos, and salsa roja, a vibrant ode to sun-ripened tomatoes, offered contrasting flavor profiles for every palate. A refreshing agua fresca de jamaica, brewed from hibiscus flowers, added a touch of floral sweetness to balance the heat.

A Team Effort

Behind every exceptional event is a dedicated team. SOHO TACO’s chefs, Jonathan and Eddie, orchestrated the culinary symphony from the rooftop cart, their passion and skill evident in every taco. Two skilled bartenders kept the drinks flowing, while a friendly server ensured every guest’s needs were met with a smile.

Savills and SOHO TACO: A Meeting of Minds

Savills, with its discerning clientele and appreciation for quality, understood the value of partnering with SOHO TACO. It was a meeting of minds, where Savills’ commitment to elegance and sophistication mirrored SOHO TACO’s dedication to culinary craft and authentic flavors. The rooftop glowed with the warmth of celebration, the air filled with the laughter of colleagues and the intoxicating aroma of freshly grilled goodness.

Memories (and Recipes) Made

As the night transitioned from twilight to a star-studded sky, one thing was clear: SOHO TACO had once again woven its magic into the fabric of Los Angeles. It was a night of memories made, of connections forged over shared plates of culinary joy. And for those who savored the experience, it was a testament to the enduring power of good food, good company, and the unique talent of SOHO TACO.

As the night wound down, and the echoes of laughter lingered in the crisp night air, there was a collective understanding that this wasn’t just a company Christmas party; it was a celebration of culinary excellence, a moment suspended in time, and an experience to be cherished.

Ready to Taste the Magic?

Whether you’re planning a corporate event under the stars or an intimate gathering in your backyard, SOHO TACO is poised to transform your occasion into a fiesta of authentic flavor and unforgettable memories. From our diverse catering packages tailored to your specific needs, to our dedicated team of chefs and staff, we ensure every detail is flawlessly executed, allowing you to relax and revel in the warmth of good food and good company.

So, ditch the bland and embrace the bold. Contact SOHO TACO today and let us weave the magic of Mexican cuisine into your next event. Because whether you’re a seasoned taco aficionado or a curious newcomer, with SOHO TACO, every bite is an adventure to your senses and a celebration of life’s most delicious moments.

To those seeking to elevate their events, whether a company celebration or a private gathering, SOHO TACO extends an invitation. Craft your culinary experience with us, where every detail matters, and every bite is a journey through the vibrant flavors of Mexico. Contact us at (714) 793-9392, info@sohotaco.com, or visit our website at SOHOTACO.com. Let us turn your next event into a symphony of taste and elegance.

¡Buen Provecho!

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