Join Us at the Aliso Viejo Ranch Vendor Showcase This January ’24

UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, this event has been moved from SUN 1/21 to SUN/28:

Updated Flyer (1/17/2023)

Getting ready to dazzle taste buds at Gold Coast Farms, one of the properties at Aliso Viejo Ranch

At SOHO TACO, we are delighted to extend an invitation to join us at the Aliso Viejo Ranch Vendor Showcase on January 21st, 2024, from 11 am to 2 pm. This promises to be an incredible event where we get to showcase our culinary prowess and connect with prospective clients.

The sun-drenched hills of Orange County whisper tales of love, laughter, and moments etched in history. Amidst this enchanting landscape lies the Aliso Viejo Ranch, a venue where rustic charm meets open skies, and celebrations dance beneath the stars. For over a decade, SOHO TACO has been proudly woven into the Ranch’s story, crafting culinary memories for countless weddings and events. But on January 21st, 2024, we turn the page on a new chapter – and we invite you to join us!

Official flyer for the Aliso Viejo Ranch Rental Showcase Event

A Tapestry of Flavor Woven from History

The Aliso Viejo Ranch whispers secrets of a bygone era. Once expansive farmland, it blossomed under Don Bren’s vision in 1964, becoming a haven for families and a sanctuary for celebration. Adobe walls embrace lush gardens, and ancient oak trees stand witness to vows murmured and promises held under the starry sky. SOHO TACO has become part of this tapestry, infusing the Ranch’s elegance with the vibrant spirit of Mexico. From intimate gatherings to grand soirées, we’ve painted flavor onto smiles, ignited joy with fiery salsas, and serenaded taste buds with the magic of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Beyond Weddings: Unleash the Fiesta Within

The Aliso Viejo Ranch Vendor Showcase ushers in a fresh perspective. On January 21st, we’ll step beyond the traditional wedding canvas and unveil a fiesta for your senses. Imagine a kaleidoscope of flavors bursting from our catering carts, each bite an invitation to culinary adventure.

Understanding the diversity of events hosted at this venue, we are excited to tailor our showcase to cater to a broad audience. Whether it’s the romance of weddings, the heartwarming atmosphere of non-profit events, or the joy of birthday parties, our offerings are designed to elevate every occasion.

Embrace the Dance of Flame

Our booth at the showcase will be a gastronomic journey, offering attendees a taste of our finest offerings. As a preferred vendor at Aliso Viejo Ranch, we take pride in our commitment to culinary excellence. The showcase provides us with the perfect platform to present our potential menu, featuring tantalizing options like carne asada, pollo asado, and carnitas.

Savor the carne asada, expertly grilled and seasoned, each morsel a tender kiss of smoke and spice. Picture pollo asado, marinated in achiote and citrus, its golden skin whispering promises of sun-kissed sweetness. And for the bold, let the dance of fire begin with our al pastor, a mesmerizing spectacle of rotating spit and fragrant spices, leaving trails of delicious heat on your tongue.

Where Comfort Meets Excitement

But the fiesta doesn’t end there. We just might weave a symphony of supporting flavors to complement these savory stars. Black beans and lemon rice will offer a comforting foundation, while salsa verde and salsa roja will paint your palate with fiery landscapes and sun-kissed sweetness. And to quench your thirst, agua frescas, infused with hibiscus or lime, will be your icy oasis on this culinary journey.

Our exact menu is still pending, but rest assured your taste buds will definitely be dazzled.

SOHO TACO: Your Catering Partner

Whether you envision a backyard bash under twinkling lights or a corporate event infused with south-of-the-border flair, SOHO TACO is your partner in culinary magic. We tailor our menus to your vision, bringing the vibrant spirit of Mexico to every occasion. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we ensure every detail is flawlessly executed, allowing you to relax and revel in the joy of your event.

Join the Fiesta!

Mark your calendars for January 21st and join us at the Aliso Viejo Ranch Vendor Showcase. Let us tantalize your taste buds, whisper stories of authentic Mexican cuisine, and show you how SOHO TACO can transform your next event into a fiesta of unforgettable memories.

Ready to taste the magic?

As we prepare for this exciting showcase, we encourage you to reach out with any questions or inquiries. We look forward to sharing our passion for exceptional taco catering and forging new connections at the Aliso Viejo Ranch Vendor Showcase.

Contact your friendly SOHO TACO event coordinator or reach out to the City of Aliso Viejo for event details and attendance info at (949) 425-2500. Join us for a culinary experience that promises to be memorable. Contact SOHO TACO today:

  • Website:
  • Phone: (714) 793-9392
  • Email:

For more information about the Aliso Viejo Ranch Vendor Showcase:

Unleash the fiesta within – we’ll see you there!

¡Hasta pronto!

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