Why SOHO Taco would be Perfect for your next Baby Shower

Chicken Tacos Grilled to Perfection

Why SOHO Taco would be Perfect for your next Baby Shower

As the anticipation for a new life reaches a crescendo, a baby shower becomes a beautiful gathering to celebrate this momentous occasion. It’s a time to surround the mother-to-be with love, unwavering support, and of course, a spread of delicious food that fuels the merriment. Finding the perfect catering service can feel overwhelming, with a multitude of options vying for your attention. However, SOHO Taco transcends the ordinary, offering a unique and delightful experience that will leave a lasting impression on both the guest of honor and all those who share in this special day.


SOHO Taco isn’t your average taco catering cart. Imagine a vibrant spread featuring an array of gourmet tacos, each bursting with fresh ingredients and bold flavors. Guests can embark on a culinary adventure with options like succulent Carne Asada, Pollo asado, carnitas, flavorful Chorizo, or the ever-popular Al Pastor. For vegetarian guests, the Spicy Potato, Calabacita (zucchini), and Signature Veggie Tacos offer a delicious twist.

For something lighter full of taste SOHO Taco offers Mahi Mahi fish tacos and shrimps tacos. The flavorful Mahi Mahi comes with fresh cabbage and topped off with chipotle sour cream. The shrimp tacos come with buttery shrimp on a melted bed of pepper jack cheese, topped with cabbage and chipotle sour cream. Both of these seafood options are excellent with our fresh mango salsa or heirloom tomato pico de gallo.

But the fiesta doesn’t stop there. SOHO Taco complements its delectable tacos with a selection of classic sides. Fluffy Spanish rice or refreshing lemon rice provide the perfect base, while savory black beans or creamy refried beans add a hearty touch. And no taco experience is complete without a basket of house-made tortilla chips, ready to be dipped into fresh salsa and zesty guacamole.

SOHO Taco at 10Ten Creative in Anaheim

Perfect for Any Age

Don’t forget the little ones at your baby shower! While the grown-ups are celebrating the mom-to-be, keep the younger attendees entertained with a special selection of enticing appetizers just their size. SOHO Taco can help with a whimsical spread of miniature delights that are perfect for smaller appetites.

Imagine the squeals of delight when they see a platter filled with warm and cheesy mini-quesadillas. They’ll be perfectly portioned for little hands and bursting with melty cheese that everyone loves. Or, for a fun twist, how about adorable mini bean and cheese burritos? These playful bites are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for the younger guests, and they’re sure to disappear quickly.

By offering these special treats, you’ll not only keep the children happy and entertained, but you’ll also ensure that everyone enjoys the celebratory atmosphere. A happy baby shower is a shower where everyone feels included, and these miniature bites are a delicious way to show the little ones how much they’re part of the special day.

Mini Bean & Cheese Burritos, A Perfect Appetizer


For those seeking an extra touch of culinary excellence, consider the handmade tortilla upgrade. Freshly pressed tortillas elevate the entire taco experience. The difference is undeniable – warm, pillowy discs with a subtle corn flavor that perfectly cradle the savory fillings. It’s a testament to SOHO Taco’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and crafting authentic flavors. Upgrading to handmade tortillas transforms a simple taco into a delightful textural and taste sensation.

Hand-pressed tortillas have a long history, dating back to Mesoamerican civilizations like the Aztecs and Mayans. They would nixtamalize corn (treat it with limewater), grind it into dough, and then flatten the dough by hand before cooking. This method has been passed down through generations and is still used in many parts of Mexico today. While tortilla presses eventually emerged, the tradition of hand-pressing remains a cultural touchstone. Having hand pressed tortillas instead of regular tortillas is a major upgrade, the texture and the taste elevates the whole experience.

Memories That Last

Food is undeniably central to any celebration, but a baby shower is about more than just sustenance. SOHO Taco’s vibrant and flavorful catering transcends mere sustenance, it creates a memorable experience. The visual appeal of the colorful taco spread, the enticing aromas wafting through the air, and the delightful flavors igniting taste buds – all contribute to a lively and engaging atmosphere.

When you choose SOHO Taco, you’re not just choosing a caterer, you’re choosing a partner in creating lasting memories. Imagine the joy on the mom-to-be’s face as she witnesses the delight of her guests. Picture the laughter and lively conversations sparked by the delicious food. These are the moments that truly make a baby shower special.

Hand Pressed Tortillas Fresh Off the Grill


Planning a baby shower can be a whirlwind of activity. SOHO Taco alleviates the stress by taking care of the culinary aspects. Their professional team handles everything from menu planning to delivery and set-up. This allows you to focus on the joy of the occasion and creating lasting memories with loved ones.

With SOHO Taco catering your baby shower, you’re not just serving food – you’re creating a vibrant and memorable experience. It’s a celebration of life, laughter, and of course, delicious food. So let SOHO Taco transform your baby shower into a culinary fiesta that honors the mom-to-be and welcomes the newest member of your family. As the guests depart, they won’t just be leaving with full stomachs, but with warm memories of a truly special occasion. The delicious food, the festive atmosphere, and the focus on creating a positive experience will ensure a baby shower that everyone will cherish. SOHO Taco goes anywhere in southern California whether your baby shower is in San Diego or Irvine.

Contact SOHO Taco today and let them help you create a celebration as unforgettable as the new life it honors. (714) 793-9392 or INFO@SOHOTACO.COM.

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