A SoCal Wedding Rehearsal with SOHO Taco

The Classic Carne Asada

A SoCal Wedding Rehearsal with SOHO Taco

There’s something undeniably special about Southern California weddings. The warm sun, the laid-back atmosphere, and the focus on celebrating love with loved ones all come together to create a truly magical experience. Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending a wedding rehearsal dinner that perfectly captured this essence, with the added bonus of some seriously delicious food courtesy of SOHO Taco, a gourmet taco catering company based in Orange County.

Setting the Scene

The venue for the rehearsal was a charming house in Brentwood, Los Angeles. With perfect weather gracing the day, the event unfolded outdoors, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Max, my partner, and I found ourselves nestled right in the heart of the action, surrounded by the soon-to-be-wed couple’s friends and family. Laughter and conversation filled the air, buzzing with the excitement of the upcoming celebration.

Hand Pressed Tortillas on Site

SOHO Taco’s Culinary Delights

The real star of the show, however, was undoubtedly the food. SOHO Taco pulled out all the stops, offering a mouthwatering selection of tacos, fresh sides, and refreshing beverages.

Guests were treated to a variety of taco fillings, each bursting with flavor. The carne asada (grilled steak) was beautifully seasoned and cooked to perfection, while the pollo asado (roasted chicken) offered a tender and juicy option. For those seeking a taste of adventure, the al pastor (marinated pork) with its signature tangy and smoky notes was a true delight. Vegetarians weren’t left out either, with the spicy potato tacos providing a satisfying and flavorful alternative.

The Magic of Fresh, Hand-Pressed Tortillas

But the true hero of the taco experience was undoubtedly the tortillas. Unlike the mass-produced variety found in grocery stores, SOHO Taco uses fresh, hand-pressed tortillas made on-site. These tortillas were soft, pliable, and had a subtle corn flavor that truly elevated the entire taco experience.

Taking the time to make fresh tortillas might seem like a small detail, but it has a significant impact on the overall taste and texture of the taco. Mass-produced tortillas are often dry, pre-cooked, and lack the characteristic corn flavor. Hand-pressed tortillas, on the other hand, are soft and moist, with a slight chewiness that allows them to hold the taco fillings perfectly without getting soggy. They also offer a much more pronounced corn flavor that complements the other ingredients in the taco beautifully.

The act of making fresh tortillas is a small but significant act of culinary care. It shows a dedication to using high-quality ingredients and preparing food with an emphasis on authenticity and taste. In the context of the wedding rehearsal, these tortillas served as a metaphor for the overall event – a celebration of love built on genuine care and attention to detail.

A Bounty of Toppings

Of course, no taco is complete without its toppings. SOHO Taco provided a generous selection of fresh and flavorful options, allowing guests to customize their tacos to their liking. Cilantro, onion, and lime offered a refreshing counterpoint to the richness of the meats, while jack cheese added a creamy and slightly salty element. Guacamole, spicy green jalapeño salsa, and roasted red tomato salsa provided bursts of flavor and texture.

Classic Sides

The taco feast was further enhanced by a selection of classic sides. Spanish rice offered a comforting and hearty base, while black beans added a touch of protein and fiber. Freshly made tortilla chips provided the perfect vessel for scooping up any leftover salsa or guacamole, and completed the sense of abundance.

Sides Made Fresh

Refreshing Aguas Frescas

To quench the thirst on this warm California day, SOHO Taco provided a selection of homemade aguas frescas. Horchata, a creamy and sweet rice-based beverage, offered a cool and refreshing respite. Watermelon agua fresca provided a burst of juicy sweetness, while the mango basil lemonade added a touch of tropical flair. These homemade drinks were a delightful way to complement the savory flavors of the tacos and sides.

As the evening progressed, it wasn’t just the food that made the experience so special. The atmosphere was filled with warmth, joy, and anticipation for the upcoming wedding. The smell of sizzling carne asada mingling with the laughter of loved ones created a truly unforgettable memory. SOHO Taco’s exceptional food played a central role in this celebration, not just for its taste but also for the way it brought people together. The act of sharing a meal, especially one as delicious and thoughtfully prepared as this, fosters a sense of community and connection.

To have SOHO Taco at your wedding rehearsal or any kind of event email at info@sohotaco.com or call at (714)793-9392

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