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We combine the flavor and personality of a street taco with the high-quality

ingredients and precision of gourmet cuisine to give you tacos

like you’ve never had before.


Soho Taco

Soho Taco was founded in 2009 with a single mission: to provide cherished memories to our community. When you organize an event or throw a party, it makes memories that can last a lifetime. We make our tacos to be part of that experience and make sure that your gathering is the stuff of legend.

With high-quality ingredients, clean-yet-sophisticated recipes, and the cutting edge of culinary training, we want to be your taco of choice anytime you have something worth celebrating.

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Our Mission

For those with a discerning palate, we provide memorable experiences through simple yet sophisticated tacos using the very best ingredients, recipes, people and love.

Our Vision

To create joyful experiences for generations

Our Core Values

We are a value-driven company and strive to provide our customers with excellence at all times.

These are the core values by which we conduct our daily business:

Great Memories
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Javier Zambrano

Executive Chef

Executive Chef Javier Zambrano oversees both creative and operational activities at Soho Taco, including on-site taco cart catering, gourmet food truck events, and brick-and-mortar matters. He pioneered the majority of Soho Taco's wildly popular menu, which includes such creations as the delectable vegetarian and shrimp tacos.

Javier’s prestigious expertise in the culinary arts spans several decades. Most recently, he left a prominent position as Executive Chef at the critically-acclaimed Luna Mexican Grill in Corona, California. Prior to that, Zambrano helmed noted eateries such as Taco Rosa, Taco Mesa, and served almost a decade at the highly-regarded Las Brisas of Laguna Beach, California.


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Who Are We?

SOHO TACO was founded in 2009. Our executive Chef Javier Zambrano oversees all activities at SOHO TACO. These include on-site taco bar catering, gourmet food truck events, and brick-and-mortar matters. He pioneered the majority of our wildly popular menu, and his expertise in the culinary arts is unmatched.


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