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Creating Healthy Tacos for Maintaining a Healthy Life  

Healthy eating and exercising are more relevant today than ever for everyone. People have become more conscious about what they put on their plates. If you’re living a better lifestyle, then you’re probably familiar with just how important it is to have a balanced meal. Typically the impression one has and what we see in […]

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Amazingly Popular Taco Toppings for Mexican Fiesta

When we think of tacos, all the amazing sauces and fillings come to mind, like ground beef, guacamole, shredded cheese, etc. Tacos are the type of food that can be eaten all day, every day. They are a meal in itself. There are a range of options and spices, which can be mixed and matched […]

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What Are Some Of The Most Authentic and Popular Mexican Tacos?

Tacos have such a wide variety that they can be considered a whole food in itself. There is a large selection of fillings, which include vegetables, a variety of meats, and different sauces. Some of the popular tacos that can be served at star rated taco catering in Orange County. Al Pastor Taco ‘Pastor’ means […]

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5 Reasons Why Tacos Are The Perfect Wedding Food

Planning a wedding can be fun and also stressful at the same time. There is so much to be done. Organizing the venue, sending invites, planning the wedding ceremony, clothes, food – the list is endless. Wondering what food to serve at your wedding? Think out of the box. Why not tacos? After a lot […]

Temecula Wedding At Terre De Fitz Vineyard

Posted on Thursday February 18, 2021 by Soho Taco
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Truly romantic weddings are filled with loved ones, incredible food and a momentous atmosphere. Recently we had the great opportunity to play a key role in that triad when we grilled for a beautiful reception in the heart of the Temecula wine country. Last Saturday we had the privilege of being selected by the bride […]

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Plan the Perfect Taco Bar Party Everyone Can Enjoy

Host a celebration, have a taco bar party. A simple, tasty meal, in a taco that is a hit with everyone.  Soho Taco is a critically praised gourmet taco catering company and food truck that brings you fresh and authentic food anytime, anywhere! We provide delicious catering services, all cooked on-site, just for you and […]