Taco Cart Catering

Discover how you and your guests can enjoy some of our finest fare grilled on site from one of our custom-crafted taco carts. Explore how the fun and flavor can be showcased at the comfort of your home, business or special event venue.

The heart and soul of SOHO TACO is our gourmet taco cart catering. For this service our crew works closely with you to set up one of our mobile kitchens at your location and then skillfully grill our fine fare on site.

That is, our friendly chefs wonderfully prepare, cook and serve tacos, side dishes, condiments and even appetizers from our transportable carts made famous by Mexican street vendors.

Not only will the image of our custom-made taco cart visually dazzle your guests, but the hypnotic aromas will hold them in its spell and the flavors of our cuisine will captivate their palates.

Having our crew grill before your guests in one of our portable kitchenettes is a sure fire way to tantalize all the senses and impress your friends and family.

Gourmet taco cart catering for a fundraiser in Laguna Beach CA

Our custom-made, stainless steel taco carts provide a clean, elegant and modern presentation. Towards the rear, they house two propane grills where the flames are safely enclosed. On the guest side of the cart, you will find inserts for our farm fresh condiments and salsas as well as our mouth-watering beans and rice side dishes, all of which are easily within arms reach.

Enjoy our terrific line up of gourmet tacos grilled on site

Whether you’re celebrating a poolside birthday or throwing an important fundraiser, explore how SOHO TACO’s gourmet taco carts would be a perfect centerpiece for your upcoming special event. 

We have the great pleasure of catering in Orange County, the greater Los Angeles county area and beyond.

For more information, feel free to submit a free catering inquiry and one of our friendly event coordinators would be happy to assist.

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