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SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Lavender, Cucumber Lemonade Agua Fresca - Orange County - OC

Lavender Cucumber Lemonade Agua Fresca

June 21st marked the first day of summer and that also means it’s aguas frescas time! It’s this time of year when the kitchen has access to an even wider variety of ingredients that just simply tastes better at this time of year. And, last Thursday evening at our monthly Tasting Night at SOHO TACO […]

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Esquites Appetizer - Orange County - OC

Exquisite Esquites For Your Esaturday

Posted on Saturday May 19, 2018 by Soho Taco
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Exquisite Esquites for your esaturday. Rich yet light and satisfying, we had the pleasure of serving up these one bite appetizers at last Thursday’s tasting night and they were a hit! In case you missed it, our monthly Tasting Night took place a couple of days ago at our corporate headquarters and this time we […]

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Santa Ana - Tasting Night - Orange County - OC

What A Terrific Tasting Night We Had Yesterday Evening

Posted on Friday February 16, 2018 by Soho Taco
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Yesterday evening we had the great pleasure of welcoming prospective clients and their guests into our home as we grilled and thrilled for another mouth-watering tasting night. As with all Tasting Nights we served up some of our finest tacos all resting on a fresh, hand-pressed tortilla. But, there was more! We also introduced our […]

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Tasting Night - Orange County - Espadillas de Camaron

Another Wonderful Tasting Night At SOHO TACO HQ

Posted on Friday January 19, 2018 by Soho Taco
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Last night we had the great pleasure of throwing open our doors and inviting prospective clients, friends and relatives into our home for another fabulous tasting night. And, we had a great time!! If you have never attended one of these mouth-watering evenings, it’s a unique occasion where we bring out the taco cart and […]

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Spicy Potato - Orange County - OC

Company Rebranding, Our Holiday Party & Tasting Night

Posted on Saturday November 18, 2017 by Soho Taco
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It’s hard to believe that 2017 is nearing its final days, but that doesn’t mean things have been slowing down at SOHO TACO. From our own company holiday party, to tasting night and our upcoming massive company rebranding we definitely have a lot on our plate. LEAD PHOTO: A spatula overflowing with piping hot spicy […]

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Tirita De Solomillo de Ternera - Beef Tenderloin

Tirita De Solomillo De Ternera Appetizer

Posted on Saturday September 23, 2017 by Soho Taco
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Last Thursday’s tasting night guests were also treated to our tender & juicy Tirita De Solomillo De Ternera appetizer. Featuring a grilled strip of sirloin steak and our housemade salsa, this handheld delight was a terrific way to fire up the appetite. ********************* SOHO TACO Promo Video Please CLICK HERE to view video on YouTube.  […]