More and more people are looking for fun and unique alternatives to the traditional wedding reception. In terms of wedding catering in Los Angeles, food truck and taco bar catering are becoming a very popular option for an exciting, stylish, and sophisticated yet relaxed wedding with a difference.

Based out of Santa Ana, SOHO TACO is a well-established gourmet mobile catering company that delivers the very best wedding catering – gourmet Mexican-inspired food with unmatched service in Los Angeles County and beyond. We are very proud to specialize in traditional Mexican tacos with a gourmet edge.

Wedding Catering in Los Angeles

Renting a food truck or mobile catering service for your wedding is a great way to provide delicious, fresh, people-pleasing food in a cost-effective way. Much more affordable (and enjoyable) than a traditional sit-down formal dinner, food truck catering is revolutionizing modern weddings – putting the focus on the simple, nutritious, fresh and delicious food that your guests love.

Additionally, by opting for food truck or mobile catering, you can have your wedding wherever you choose! From parkland to the desert, the beach to backyard settings  – create the wedding of your dreams on your terms and in the location you prefer.

SOHO TACO Wedding Truck Catering

SOHO TACO is delighted to deliver a unique wedding catering and taco bar solution to make your big day even more memorable. Our executive is Chef Javier Zambrano, and he oversees all major activities at SOHO TACO. He is the creative genius behind SOHO TACO and he pioneered the majority of our extremely popular menu. He has vast experience and expertise in the culinary arts and this is what we bring to you when you choose SOHO TACO for your wedding catering.

Our emphasis is on delicious, fresh and crowd-pleasing food, with a range of packages to choose between. As such, you decide which of our menus will suit your needs best, whether you prefer our more casual taco truck or a more formal catering package. From beef to chicken, shrimp to vegetables, pork to chorizo, and even salmon or mahi-mahi tacos, as well as an array of salsas, dressings, and sides, we have what it takes to delight even the fussiest palate.

For the very best on unique and fun wedding catering in Los Angeles, contact us today at SOHO TACOo. We look forward to helping you explore how we can take your wedding dining to the next level!

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