When it comes to wedding catering in Orange County, have you considered taco catering?

SOHO TACO is a Santa Ana-based taco catering company that offers the best wedding catering – with a twist – between Los Angeles County and Orange County, southern California.  We are delighted to specialize in the traditional Mexican tacos that you love – but with a gourmet edge that makes us unique.

Wedding Catering in Orange County

There are some things to consider when it comes to your wedding catering. The meal is the centerpiece of your wedding – it is one of the biggest things people look forward to and remember after your big day.

While the traditional wedding featured a formal, sit-down alternate-plate dinner, there are so many great alternatives to this! From buffet spreads to canapé menus to food trucks,

SOHO TACO is very proud to offer a unique, crowd-pleasing wedding catering option that will help make your big day more memorable for all the right reasons…

When you choose our taco cart or food truck catering for your wedding, you’re getting a fun and interesting dining option with a huge emphasis on great-tasing food that is served uniquely. It’s a great option for maintaining a social, party atmosphere that is anything but stuffy, yet remains sophisticated and stylish at an affordable price.

Choose SOHO TACO for Your Wedding

Our simple, sophisticated tacos are memorable – using the very best fresh locally-sourced in-season ingredients, heirloom custom recipes, and served by our outstanding staff. Our modern, impeccably clean taco cart will bring a fun and stylish vibe to any wedding, especially a themed or outdoor event, and our tasty culinary delights are unparalleled. And yes – we have vegetarian options!

There is no better choice for wedding catering in Orange County and Los Angeles than SOHO TACO. From our charmingly eclectic taco bar to a more formal taco catering spread, book us for your wedding celebration (or engagement or anniversary party!) today.

Contact us today to explore your options for catering your wedding in Southern California with us.

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