Plan the Perfect Taco Bar Party Everyone Can Enjoy

Host a celebration, have a taco bar party. A simple, tasty meal, in a taco that is a hit with everyone. 

Soho Taco is a critically praised gourmet taco catering company and food truck that brings you fresh and authentic food anytime, anywhere! We provide delicious catering services, all cooked on-site, just for you and your guests. We specialize in traditional Mexican tacos – but with a gourmet edge.

From family parties to business activities and weddings, you can have your very own special Mexican Fiesta. When planning any event, you have to plan and prepare guest lists, food catering, and now with new social distancing guidelines, you also need to make sure your guests are safe at the same time. 

If you seek taco catering in Orange County, our spotless carts are clean, modern, and beautiful to look at. Perfect for any social event. Using only the highest grade of meats and produce, our chefs prepare the sauces using legendary heirloom recipes. SOHO Taco food carts will guarantee your day is a hit! We always deliver on time and we go above and beyond to ensure our food is served hot. 

Tacos for the Diet and Health Conscious 

If you are particular about your calorie intake, get extra vegetables in your taco. Plant-based ingredients can let you skip all the artery-clogging grease and saturated fats without sacrificing your love for anything tacos.

Enjoy fresh food made from scratch, always served hot! Our taco food cart offers a wide range of flavorful entrees like steak, chicken, braised pork, seasoned Mexican sausage, seasoned pork, potatoes, and squash. Our upgrade entree selection includes shrimp, Mahi, and veggies prepared according to your taste.

 Accompany your entrees with a wide selection of salsa and dressing options such as Guacamole, Heirloom Pico de Gallo, Chipotle Sour Cream, Mango Salsa, Salsa Verde, Salsa Chile de Aceite – Extra hot salsa, and many more. 

Satiate your Taste Buds

Are you craving some tacos now? Check out “the taco cart catering near me” and find us? We can bring you a taco truck and park it wherever you need, in Los Angeles. Even if you need to move the location, our taco truck catering professionals can adjust as needed. As Tacos are easily customizable, this makes them a great addition to any party or social gathering. Although the menu will vary based on your preference, SOHO taco catering will always offer you a range of choices.

Build fun memories, have a Soho Taco Party!  




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