Happy NO-It-Isn’t-Mexican-Independence-Day Day!!


“Cinco de Tacos”

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Happy Battle of Puebla!  Happy Drink-O de Mayo!  Or, better yet: Happy Cinco de Mayo!

While folks back in Mexico are still scratching their heads wondering how or why this day even got so big here in the U.S., we here at Soho Taco Mexican Heritage Headquarters love celebrating ANYTHING!!  And, today is no different.

In fact, throughout the day we have ELEVEN celebrations to attend to, including one taco catering event for a major food-related show biz company that’s got us all excited over here!  (OMG, sooooo fricken awesome.  We wish we could tell you who!!)

Meanwhile, go ahead and sip that margarita (or two).  Today’s all about celebrating life, love and culture.  But, it sure the heck isn’t about Mexican Independence Day.  So, enjoy!

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